I’m on the trail and feel quite hopeful.Meanwhile I’m really getting a lot of support from D Winnicott who wrote “Play and Reality“ and his main interest was on a “facilitated environment “  . It’s how the New Zealand Family conferencing philosophy was underpinned, which is now mainstream in this country.
The facilitated environment is what I used to do in the parks by creating and holding a safe , playful ( real play as in the indigenous cultures ideas of stopping linear time periodically to create sacred time . From my Understanding sacred time was made by folding imagination through play “ as if “ and imbue / fuse the natural world together) , basically re animate the everyday, which brought new vitality, meaning and purpose and life back to the community.I see the the roll of the facilitation as leading from behind or Winnicott would say creating an environment of the “ good enough mother “.For me this kind of facilitation is underpinned by integrating the elemental principles of water as a philosophy.